About MarketGauge

Mission Statement

MarketGauge was founded 20 ago years by successful floor traders turned hedge fund managers. Our experts have over 100 years of diversified experience as professional traders, technologists, and educators. Our mission is to provide strategic and actionable information that empower novice to professional investors and advisors to surpass their financial goals. We accomplish our mission with educational courses, proprietary trading tools, and proven quant-based models.

Whether you are a newcomer to the markets or an experienced professional, a day trader or longer-term investor Market Gauge is here to serve your needs. We know the markets with unparalleled experience, have developed tools and indicators that embody that knowledge and as trained educators, understand how to teach them.

Core Beliefs:

MarketGauge’s core philosophy is to identify both the biggest macro trends and emerging ones using our proprietary tools / indicators and proven trading models. We employ short-term tactics derived from years of highly successful floor trading to precisely maximize profits and minimize risk. Price action is the primary driver. However, we layer in fundamentals as well. MG is committed to trading with a methodical, systematic and repeatable approach. We believe that is the key to success.

Our philosophy is counter to the commonly disseminated tactics by many Wall street analysts. We believe that passive management and buy and hold is downright dangerous.

Furthermore, all our investing models include track records with daily and weekly updates. Our performance is always transparent.

Our story begins with Keith Schneider, the CEO of MG. In 1982, as one of the youngest floor trader on the NY Commodities Exchanges, he had a vision that the huge boom in the commodity markets was over. He turned his attention to the global markets. Well ahead of the curve, Keith invested most of his substantial trading profits to become the founder of Market Vision, a multi-screen charting company with special indicators. Market Vision allowed traders and investors to analyze markets off the floor with use of windows, color coded information and algo driven trading models.

By the 1990’s, after having worked at offices adjacent to Ray Dalio and Bridgewater and then running money for Millennium Partners, Keith, along with Geoff Bysshe and Mish Schneider (she and Keith wed in 1990), picked up where he left off and started MarketGauge just in time for them to capitalize on the internet explosion.

Since inception, MarketGauge has supplied market analytics to some of the biggest financial institutions such as Barron’s, Fidelity, as well as thousands of individual investor and active traders. Our insights can be found at Benzinga, Stocks and Commodities, TalkMarkets, Investing Shortcuts, AAAII , and Traders Library. CBS MarketWatch rated our twitter feed as one of the top 50 to watch for financial information.

Each Market Gauge expert has a special focus and domain within the company. Their unique skill sets are all linked together from their common experience, and a commitment to risk management. We all use the same indicators and tools.