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Here's Why The Alpha Rotation System Works So Well!

The trading signals for these systems are all based on a mechanical model that identifies when to be long an S&P 500 ETF (SPY), long a bond ETF (TLT), or in cash.

You can see by the green sections of the chart below how incredibly accurate this model is at getting in (green) and out (red) of the S&P 500.

PLUS, red indicates out of stocks, but at certain time red also indicates "long bonds" which tend to rally when the market has major declines!

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Here's What I'll Receive With My Membership...
A Full Year of Access To:

Early Notice Trading Alerts via Email and Text Messaging

Early Notice Trading Alerts via Email and Text Messaging
Get notified in advance before the trading system makes any position changes. These alerts will tell you exactly when and how to follow the trades of the 'Alpha Rotation Trading System'.

This will enable you to follow the model without having to follow the market closely on an intra-day or even day to day basis, if you have other interests or a job to tend to.

A Live Monthly Training Webinar

Full Access to Big View Suite of Indicators and Market Analytics
See the full depth of the market using professional grade tools and analytics. Get a 'big view' of the markets looking at key sectors, hotspots, market internals, sentiment, and key ratios using Marketgauge's proprietary indicators.

Gain a unique perspective on markets that enable you to see whats going on behind the scences and anticipate the next major move--wherever it is!

Model Portfolio

The 'Alpha Rotation' Model Portfolio
The model portfolio ensures you'll know exactly what is happening with the model. You'll be able to easily track all open positions, recently closed positions, and the model's performance statistics. You'll love the extensive information and detailed monitoring if you want to stay one step ahead of the markets!

There are three versions of the Alpha Rotation trading system allowing you to easily choose the right one based on your appetite for risk. They have beaten the SPY by 5x, 50x, and even 100x!

Weekly Mentoring Videos

Weekly Market Outlook Videos
Each Sunday you'll receive a guided tour of the markets using Big View's unique perspective and powerful analytical tools. See the latest development in markets and how key inter-market relationships are playing out. This is the perfect way to start any trading week!

Real Support

Real support
If you have any questions about how the system works, or if you need tech support in using the service, you can reach us via live chat at the bottom of every page of our site, or via [email protected], or call us at 888-241-3060. Our office hours are 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern.

Amazing Returns In Just Minutes Per Week

Traders of any ability can profit from the Alpha Rotation Trading System - usually by spending only a few minutes a week to review and/or execute trades because...

The trading model calculates exact entry and exits for trades so there is NO analysis required.

All new trade alerts or updates are issued on the evening before any position changes. And, all trades are executed on the open so you can literally set up your orders before the market opens.

The model portfolio never holds more than two positions so there is very little management required.

Gain access to a trading system that "crushed" the S&P 500 returns in both bull and bear markets and had twice as many winning trades as losing trades with an average winning trade 4x larger than the average losing trade.

Here's a screenshot of how we track the positions for you:

Sample Open Positions

Simple to follow trade allocations with a built-in position sizing calculator right into the open positions! It's easy determine how many shares to trade based on your own risk tolerance.

So, as you can see...
Because the strategy is based on catching and riding the big trends in the market for weeks (even months) at a time...

There's simply not much to do!
Who can argue with "nothing to do" when your profit potential is as big as it is with the Alpha Rotation Trading System doing all the work.

100% Performance Guarantee

You're Also Protected By Our
100% Performance Guarantee

Your purchase today is protected by our 100% performance guarantee.
If the Alpha Rotation Trading System has not produced a positive return in your year of being a member, then the next year is free.

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