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January Trend Trade Report - Watch the 10-day range in IWM, and QQQ

Geoff Bysshe | January 23, 2017

This is a quick but important update on the market’s condition vis-à-vis the January trend trade. The image below was create in the first few minutes of Monday Jan 23 so the last day on these charts is not complete, but as you’ll see by the lines and notes the important levels are not determined by the last bar. The reason for this update is to alert you to the big trend inflection points to

January Trend Trade Report for 1/12

Geoff Bysshe | January 12, 2017

Here a few instructional and opportunistic observations for today and going forward. Not surprisingly each one is following the January pattern ‘road map’ in their own way. IYT: After 5 days of consolidating in its January opening range IYT (discussed in the last video) broke out and closed over it yesterday (1/11). The next level of confirmation is to have a 30-minute O.R. breakout and trade over the 1/11 high. This also corresponds with a

Jan. Trend Report for Jan. 9th

Geoff Bysshe | January 9, 2017

A summary of the current state of the markets with the January Trend Trade perspective. It also covers the following sector ETFs: Consolidating: IYT XLE SMH Bullish: XBI GDX XLI XLV Bearish: XRT

January 2017: How To Use The Alerts

Geoff Bysshe | January 5, 2017