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HOPE & OPTIMISM. However, Be Cautious of Wildcards

Donn Goodman | August 7, 2022

The investment markets have whimpered into August after a huge record-breaking stock market rally in July, encouraged by declining long-term interest rates.

What’s next?

We’ve heard many explanations, including “digesting the gains” to a “period of consolidation” to “that …

Mixed Economic Signals. 9 Ways to Profit Using MarketGauge

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | July 31, 2022

It was a good week and an exceptionally good month in the markets.

The S&P 500 was up 9.1%. This was the best July since 1939. Conversely, it came on the heels of the 3rd worst June ever, down 8.4%.…


Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | July 24, 2022

It was a positive week in both the stock and bond markets as investors stepped back in.

Earnings reports in some sectors (financials) were not as weak as some expected, and there continues to be interim cooling of inflation (gas …


Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | July 17, 2022

Economic news drives Wall Street especially updated critical data points pertaining to inflation, earnings, and interest rates.

It has been a week of negative news on most of these fronts.

Monday thru Wednesday, the stock market drifted lower on anticipated …

Walking The Fine Line. Five Indicators to Tell You When It Is Safe To Invest

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | July 10, 2022

Are we in a recession? If not, when will we be?

Is it the right time to go back into the stock market? Have interest rates stopped increasing for now?

Will my food costs continue to climb?

These are just …

Something Still Smells. Actions You Should Take Now!

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | July 3, 2022

First off, before we get to the UGLY markets and economic backdrop, we wanted to wish you and your families a Happy Independence Day holiday weekend.

Without our freedoms, which include free market capitalism and the right of every investor …

TARGET INVESTING. The 9 Advantages of This Type of Investing

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | June 26, 2022

Can you make sense of this?

Two weeks ago, the markets experienced a brutal sell-off (S&P 500 down -6.1%) due to inflation rhetoric, rising gas prices, 75 bp Fed Funds rise, and the fastest acceleration of the 10-year US Treasury …

A Moment of Truth. Ways to Help You Deal With A New Reality

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | June 19, 2022

The truth can be difficult to hear.
Telling the truth is also hard when the message is not what the recipient wants to hear.
Dealing with the truth is even harder, especially when it’s unexpected and disappointing.

This week, investors …

Through the Roof. Where to Invest Now?

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | June 12, 2022

Having grown up in the ‘60s and attended college in the late ’70s, I vividly remember my father telling me, “Cost of everything is going through the roof”. It was an often-used sentence by people living in the ’70s. That …

Economic Storms Ahead? What To Do To Protect Your Investments

Keith Schneider and Donn Goodman | June 5, 2022

Since early fall 2021, we at MarketGauge have been urging you to focus on the fact that many of the economic and market indicators we evaluate were just not adding up.

As a subscriber, you may recall the numerous weekly …