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The Market and Media Paint 2 Different Pictures

Mish Schneider | January 13, 2021

Written by Mish and Forrest The market digests its recent highs amidst a rush of politically charged news as more riots and a second impeachment dominate headlines. We believe the market is more focused on the economic plans of the incoming administration and not as much on the politics at hand. The marijuana industry can attest to that with its recent strong performance. Furthermore, the Chamber of Commerce reported that the tariffs on China have

The Market’s Power Couple

Mish Schneider | January 12, 2021

Written by Mish and Forrest Grandad Russell 2000 (IWM) and Granny Retail (XRT) Make the Perfect Power Couple. The Russell 2000 (IWM) followed his wife (XRT) Retail, to new highs today while major indices sit under their recent highs. Granny’s enthusiasm has not only encouraged grandad to get back up since his recent pause under the 10-DMA, but her enthusiasm can also be seen spreading to other members of the Economic Modern Family. Transportation (IYT)

Where Have All the Silver Bulls Gone?

Mish Schneider | January 11, 2021

Written by Mish and Forrest A week or so ago, silver was all the rage. The talk ranged from an inflation indicator, to the industrial usage to the outperformance to gold as key. Then, last Friday, silver (and gold) tanked. Silver breached the 50-DMA but closed above it. Monday, it also declined, but not only held the 50-DMA but closed within an inside day to Friday’s large candle. The inside day is a common pattern

Adding Momentum to Our Top 2021 Picks

Mish Schneider | January 10, 2021

Written by Forrest and Mish It is only the end of the first week of January and already many of our picks in Mish’s Outlook 2021 have made big money. However, for StockchartsTV last Friday, Mish picks out 17 of the 57 stock picks and shows you the charts along with our proprietary indicator for momentum, Real Motion. This is an extremely helpful way to hear Mish talk about not only how to look for

3-D Printing Rings In the New Year!

Mish Schneider | January 7, 2021

Written by Forrest Mish’s Market Minute Advantage members bought DDD on November 9th. Then, the service added to the position on Wednesday, January 6th. Furthermore, Mish went on Real Vision on the 5th and told those attendees that she believed the stock would double. Who could have imagined the stock would double the very next day! The company exploded Thursday, reaching a high of 25.33 or a 125% percent increase from the prior day close

A Secrete Setup Created by the Start of the New Year!

Mish Schneider | January 5, 2021

Written by Mish and Forrest. All the major indices closed with an inside day, meaning that today’s price range fits completely inside the prior days price range. This can be seen in the above 4 charts. Monday also brought us a new calendar range as it was the first trading day of the new year. This makes for a perfect setup with an inside day pattern, as we now have a good parameter to base

Has Transportation (IYT) Given A Special Warning Signal?

Mish Schneider | January 4, 2021

Written by Mish and Forrest The new year brings a rocky start via the Economic Modern Family. The transportation sector (IYT) of the Family made the most influential move of the day testing the 50-day moving average [DMA]. Considering how frothy the bullish run up has been, it’s not unusual to see a healthy price correction in the market. We should expect and welcome them. How far and how deep this correction goes will also

2020 Is History, but Not to Be Forgotten Because…

Mish Schneider | December 31, 2020

2020 is about to finally become ‘history’, but as we know, the markets listen to history, so the best and worst of 2020 will not soon be forgotten (nor should it). With this in mind, today’s Mish’s Daily is a special report to conclude 2020, and look forward into 2021. I’ve prepared it as PDF so that you can save it, print it, and refer to it as the Year of the Metal Ox unfolds.

Market Waivers While Food Commodities Shine

Mish Schneider | December 29, 2020

Written By Mish and Forrest Strength picks up in Food commodities as securities struggle amid final stimulus negotiations. The situation is now in the senate’s hands to pass or decline the $2000 dollar stimulus checks. A large amount compared to the original $600 proposed in the bill. This looks to be the final hold-up for the $900 billion dollar bill. While some call the amounts given so far too late and too little, anything helps

When Large Caps Rally, Do Small Caps Get Smaller?

Mish Schneider | December 28, 2020

Written by Mish and Forrest With another short trading week, it’s best to stay cautious as price action can get wacky towards the year’s end. Fund managers will rebalance their portfolios by selling losers and replacing them with strong performers to spruce up the look of their portfolio before the fourth quarter end. Furthermore, many investors take extended time off the last week, which leads to decreased volume. With that said, all the major indices