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Our Secret Inflation Barometer Sugar, Building a Base

Mish Schneider | July 2, 2024

Mother Nature can be such a B@*^H!

On March 6,2024 I wrote a Daily on sugar and inflation.

The biggest takeaway is

We will know about inflation by watching:

  • Silver-and if it can begin to outperform gold-CHECK
  • Oil, if spikes

  • What’s Up with Bonds-Long and Junk Bonds?

    Mish Schneider | July 1, 2024

    Statistically, one of the most bullish days of the year, July 1st was rather surprising.

    The Family- (please check the weekend Daily), was not so happy today.

    Crypto and his crew were a bit stronger.

    However, the yields were the …

    Economic Modern Family-Our U.S. Centric Indicators

    Mish Schneider | June 30, 2024

    Last week I wrote about Biotechnology, Sector Rotation, Lithium and EVs, plus, the Raw Material Demand from Electricity Usage.

    Biotechnology (will discuss more later), disappointed.

    Sector Rotation happened but only to a degree.

    Lithium sank, and EVs were mixed with …

    How Important is Lithium in Making EVs?

    Mish Schneider | June 26, 2024

    On the heels of the $5 billion investment JV announcement between Volkswagen and Rivian, we always like to examine the raw material side.

    Lithium plays a critical role in making electric vehicles (EVs).

    Here’s why:

  • Battery Technology: Lithium-ion batteries, which

  • One Day Doth Not a Sector Rotation Make!

    Mish Schneider | June 25, 2024

    Over the weekend I wrote about the Economic Modern Family.

    Then Monday I focused on Biotechnology IBB, as a promising member of the Family to revive.

    Today, as mentioned in several interviews yesterday, we need to see follow up by …

    Big Brother Biotechnology Sector Revives

    Mish Schneider | June 24, 2024

    Over the weekend as we looked at the entire Economic Modern Family, we focused on Big Brother Biotechnology IBB as particularly intriguing.

    We wrote:

    “IBB sits just below the 200-WMA. Plus, he is in the middle of the weekly channel …

    Weekly Visit with the Economic Modern Family

    Mish Schneider | June 23, 2024

    According to a poll conducted by CNBC, 56% of Americans said they believe the U.S. is in a recession.

    GDP grew by 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024. That is a decelerated rate from the 3.3% growth of the …

    Electricity is a Secondary Source

    Mish Schneider | June 20, 2024

    Original photograph

    On June 10, 1752, almost exactly 272 years ago, Ben Franklin helped prove that lightning is a form of electricity that could be harnessed.

    Fast forward to 2024, with electricity in high demand, we are looking at electricity …

    South Africa-The ETF Rallies Big

    Mish Schneider | June 18, 2024

    South Africa is renowned for its developed and diversified mining industry.

    We put the country ETF EZA on our radar as mining output has declined significantly since the 1970s due to various factors, including political issues, high costs, and labor …

    Deep Dive into the US “Inside” Stock Market Sectors

    Mish Schneider | June 17, 2024

    We may be in the summer doldrums but underneath the surface things are not so dull.

    Especially because we’re experiencing a historic bifurcation in the market.

    Over the weekend I featured the Economic Modern Family and how crucial price action …