We have taken many of MarketGauge's proprietary tools for technical analysis and tested their functionality in the crypto market... and they work like a charm! We are working to provide industry insight, trading tools and models, and a Risk-Managed process to allow you to get exposure in the fastest growing industry in the world.

We have created a one-stop shop for everything crypto so that you can use our interactive tools and analysis to inform your own endeavors in this quickly emerging industry

Interactive Charts - If you try to perform technical analysis on an exchange or stock market platform you will see how limited you are in evaluating cryptocurrencies. With the Cryptopulse interactive charts, you will be able to use our own proprietary indicators as well as all the essential indicators you know and love. All you need to do is click the symbol that you want to populate a chart for on our radar screens and a new tab will pop up with the chart!

Crypto Sectors - We have broken down different sectors within the stock market to examine publicly traded companies that have crypto exposure. Not sure about buying crypto coins? Let us show you other, potentially safer opportunities in the space.

Coin Rankings - Our Coin Rankings list will allow you to look at the short-term and long-term performances of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap on one simple screen. Look here to get a full view of the cryptocurrency market, as well as being able to perform your own technical analysis on these symbols quickly and easily.

Crypto Commentary - Stay up to date with what we are watching in the crypto market by following our CryptoPulse Daily Reports, Weekly Reports, and Special Report publications.

Quantitative Crypto Trading (Coming Soon!) - Taking inspiration from the MarketGauge trading models that you know and love, we have developed a quantitative trading model aimed at helping you gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market and protect yourself from high volatility while maximizing your risk-managed profits.

Cryptocurrencies are a form of virtual payment that utilize cryptography and blockchain technologies to efficiently exchange goods and services. Rather than using banks to verify transactions, cryptocurrency transactions are verified using a peer-to-peer network. The central themes of these developing technologies/currencies are decentralization, security and anonymity in peer-to-peer transactions, and avoiding the necessity for a centralized authority.

Not sure whether buying cryptocurrencies is right for you, but still want to be involved in the emerging industry? No problem. Our cryptocurrency sectors break down publicly traded crypto/blockchain companies into categories that will make their corporate activities and ventures clear for any investor or trader interested in the blockchain-tech and decentralized finance spaces.

Many cryptocurrencies derive their value from the same factors that a stock might, including supply, market demand, availability and trading volume. On top of this, every cryptocurrency is developed for its own specific use case, so speculative traders can often find value in a coin's potential applications. Bitcoin has emerged as the clear store-of-value coin in the crypto realm, often being compared to Gold for this reason. Other currencies like Ethereum are considered to be less so a storage of value, and more of an instrument for the continual development of online applications and networks. What really determines a coin's value is its level of adoption by the public. Ethereum has become the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market volume as a result of the rapid adoption of the Ethereum Blockchain Network (Amazon Web Services operate on the ETH blockchain). Mass adoption means more than just a high trade volume for the currency; adoption means that developers see a demand for new virtual products and services for that specific network.

There are several avenues that will allow you to get involved in cryptos including publicly traded cryptocurrency funds, crypto based companies, and actual cryptocurrencies/coins. If you choose to invest or trade cryptocurrencies, your safest and most trustworthy method will be through a reputable exchange. Below is a link to a list of options for trusted US and international exchanges.


Crypto staking is the process of providing liquidity to an exchange or project by locking up your tokens (often requiring some form of collateral) in order to obtain rewards/interest. Major exchanges are beginning to provide staking services with up to 6-10% APY on select coins, while up incoming projects can offer staking rewards up to several hundred % APY for their own native tokens. Perform due diligence before entering any staking pool, and always be weary of the lock-up period required to stake your coins.

Price trends are influenced by factors we can't see in the price charts alone. One of the most influential of these invisible factors that determine price trends is momentum. This plug-in enables you to see the trends, and support and resistance levels in momentum that are influencing price trends. With Real Motion, you can successfully trade reversals, breakouts and breakdowns in any market or any time frame.

In anticipation of providing our Real Motion Indicator for crypto market analysis, we have backtested the tool and found it to be extremely successful in recognizing both short and long-term reversals and breakouts within the cryptocurrency space.

The best trend trades are in the stocks and ETFs that are leading the market up (or down). The trades are even more reliable when they have supporting volume trends powering the move. The Triple Play plug-in enables you to quickly identify the trends in stocks, ETFs, AND Cryptocurrencies that have the strength to continue or hidden weakness that is likely to lead to an unexpected reversal.