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Real Motion Trading gives you unique indicators that enable you to:

  • See the HIDDEN STRENGTH (or weakness) during market trends, that other traders cannot see, so you know the best trends to follow.
  • See UNKNOWN weakness and resistance that creates short and long-term tops. And the same is true for buying opportunities near bottoms (before the market reverses).
  • Calculate (in advance!) expected market highs and lows that are often different than the price swing highs and lows!

The Real Motion Trading Course will teach you Trading Strategies for:

  • Entering on pull backs for
    low-risk high-reward trend trades
  • Momentum driven trend breakouts for
    instant gratification trades
  • Shorting low-risk reversals at "overbought" highs
  • Buying low-risk reversals at "oversold" lows
  • Explosive compression or "squeeze" play breakouts!