Keith Schneider and Geoff Bysshe

Day Trading Mastery Program

  • Live Day Trading Room
  • 2 Training Videos a Week
  • Live Coaching Sessions
  • List of Stocks to Trade
  • Access to HotScans
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Live Day Trading Room

Every Thursday for the entire market session you can engage in 'real-time' trading with Geoff or Keith. Watch a live stream of their desktop, see what they're trading, and follow along! Plus, ask questions via a chat box.

Weekly Training Videos

Receive 2 training videos each week that outline chart patterns, techniques for entries, stop losses and exit strategies that are taught in the A.M. Trader course. You'll discover professional insight to trading the opening range under current market conditions.

Live Coaching Sessions

Once a month you'll be invited to attend a live in the market webinar where Geoff or Keith will teach you the trading tactics that are important for the current market conditions and discuss how to get the most from your trading.

List of Stocks to Trade

MarketGauge scans the markets everyday looking for prime opportunities to trade their mastery students. You'll receive this list via email every evening prior to the next trading day so you are equipped with trade ideas every morning.

PLUS... Get Access to HotScans

Our unique stock selection tool that finds the right stocks to trade at the right time. Plus access to special pre-set scans for the trades we'll focus on in the trading room.

The AM Trader
  • Easily find the stocks with great trading potential based on their unusual price and volume patterns.
  • Monitor your favorite stocks with a unique and powerful display that shows you significant trading opportunities.
  • Quickly scan pre-market price and volume trading with filters for unique price and volume analysis.
  • Access to over 50 pre-set scans that easily find trading opportunities based on momentum, gaps, consolidation, volume, the opening range and more.
  • Customize and save your own scans settings to find stocks with your price and volume pattern criteria.
  • Unique display of price and volume makes it easy to see which stocks to focus on immediately.
  • Get started quickly with our training videos.