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What is the GEMS Portfolio?

GEMS stands for Global ETFs: Global & Macro. The GEMS Portfolio is our most comprehensive automated ETF trading system. With the GEMS Portfolio you will easily hold up to 6 ETF positions which are balanced and diversified across global asset classes such as U.S. sectors, international equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and more.

The system's trade selection is 100% automated and based on a quantitative model that identifies persistent trends with positive momentum. The model's well defined and easy to follow rules enable you to profit from high momentum trends with the safety of a well diversified portfolio. The system has outperformed the S&P 500 significantly since 2007.

The GEMS's superior outperformance is a result of its ability to actively select trades from a diverse group of global assets which will individually outperform the general market during various phases of the economic liquidity cycle and commonly accepted business cycle.

Performance of the GEMS Portfolio:
Since 2007: +1326.5% vs. SPY: +200.8%
Avg. Annual: +18.8% vs. SPY: +7.8%