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ETF Sector Plus Strategy
  • Simple End of Day Trade Alerts
  • Manages Only 3 ETF Positions
  • Model Portfolio Tracks Every Trade
  • Monthly Live Training
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What Is "ETF Sector Plus Strategy"?

The ETF Sector Plus Strategy is a 100% quantitatively managed trading model. It provides a simple, diversified sector rotation trading strategy based on quantitative analysis model of trends within 21 intelligently selected ETF's. This system provides conservative to aggressive portfolios that require only minutes per week to manage and have out-performed the market by 3 to 9 times since 2007!

The ETF Sector Plus Strategy's superior outperformance is a result of its ability to actively select trades from a diverse group of ETFs which will individually outperform the general market during various phases of the economic liquidity cycle and commonly accepted business cycle. Performance is also enhanced by the fact that it holds a concentrated portfolio of only 3 positions at any one time.

Performance of the ETF Sector Moderate Model:
Since 2007: +1311.6% vs. SPY: +202.6%
Avg. Annual: +18.9% vs. SPY: +7.8%

Simple Trading Strategy

The ETF Sector Plus Strategy only requires a few minutes a week to follow because it holds a maximum of 3 positions at one time. All trades can be managed with orders that can be placed before the markets open. When the ETF Sector Plus Strategy generates an entry or an exit signal you will receive a trade alert via SMS message and an email the evening before you'll need to place the order to be executed the following day on the open.

Model Portfolio

Every trade generated by the model will be sent you via email, text message (if you desire), and recorded in the model portfolio. You can use the model portfolio section of the website to track current positions and view prior position so you can see exactly how the model is performing in every trade and as portfolio.

Monthly Training Webinars

Each month you'll be able to attend a live webinar where we will review trades that the strategy has taken, analyze the major trends in the markets and economy that may drive future trades and explore potential ways to use the models trade selections as independent trading ideas. Every webinar will be recorded and archived for members.