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What is NASDAQ 100 All Stars?

This is your opportunity to trade the leading trends in the market's most dynamic stocks with the assistance of a back tested and market proven trading system. The system identifies the best 5 stocks to be long within the NASDAQ 100 Index at any one time.

Only a few minutes per week is needed to review and/or execute the NASDAQ All Stars trades, because the trade alerts originate from a 100% automated trading model and are tracked for you in a completely transparent portfolio. Additionally, the trading model calculates exact entry and exits for trades so there is NO chart or market analysis required.

All new trade entry alerts are issued on the same day of every month - the last trading day. And, all stops and targets are only adjusted at the end of the day so you can literally set up your orders before the market opens.

The NASDAQ All Stars provides you with two systems that trade the same stocks. The "Monthly" model seeks to catch bigger moves lasting months, and the "Active" model seeks to catch quicker market moves that may only last a few weeks.

Each model portfolio never holds more than five positions so there is very little management required. Plus... Every trade has a "Rating", stop and target clearly identified in the model portfolio so you'll always know where to enter, how much you're risking, and when you'll start taking profits before you enter any trade. When you become a member you'll learn that the positions in the portfolio are equally weighted so it's very easy determine how many shares to trade based on your own risk tolerance.

Performance of the NASDAQ 100 All Stars:
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Avg. Annual: + vs. QQQ: +