Wealth365 October 2020 Bonus

Special Wealth365 Registration Bonus Training

Thank you for registering for the Wealth365 Summit in October. Below you’ll find the bonus strategy I promised.

This strategy is a method for determining the direction and timing of the major move (up or down) in the market that has occurred after all but one election since 1976.

The bonus has two parts.

#1. The video will introduce the Election Range indicator and describe how it determines the price levels that provide trade entry and exit points. These are the inflection points that will enable you to anticipate when market moves (breakout or reversals) will begin.

#2. This PDF report gives you a concise historical analysis of this strategy for each presidential election year since 1976.

If you spend 30 minutes reviewing the video and PDF, you’ll be ready to profit from the upcoming post-election move in the stock market.

This bonus material uses the SPY 500 index as its example, but this can be applied to all stocks and ETFs.

If you’re a member of our AM Trader course, you should apply AM Trader tactics to the Election Ranges!

If you have our Real Motion indicator, you’ll find this to be a powerful complement to this strategy by helping you confirm the market’s breakouts and reversals around the Election Range levels.

If you have any account or technical questions, contact us via the live chat on this page, info@marketgauge.com or 888-241-3060.

If you’d like more information about MarketGauge’s proprietary indicators, strategies or training, call or text Rob Quinn at (407) 770-7637.

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