New Stocks Added to the Stock Sectors Radar

September 13, 2022

Cryptocurrencies: Daily Update


Even with a tough year so far for almost all risk assets, the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 industries continue to grow behind the scenes. It seems now that big names from nearly every imaginable sector have made the news due to their forays into these emerging industries.

We monitor the newswire to stay on top of significant developments in the digital assets space and have developed our Stock Sectors Radar to continuously track some of the most important names to know. We can produce discretionary trading ideas by ranking these stocks, tracking important underlying indicators like TSI (Trend Strength Indicator), and market phases, and recognizing potential divergences that have the opportunity for outsized returns.

This radar is a living list, meaning that we will add/remove names as we see fit in order to continuously track the companies with the highest degrees of exposure to the future of the crypto world.

We have added 20 new stocks to our radar that range from blockchain technology innovators to cryptocurrency mining operations, and have included a brief description of each stock below:

BTCS / BTCS Inc. - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - BTCS Inc. focuses on digital assets and blockchain technologies. The company secures disruptive next-generation blockchains and operates validator nodes on various proof of stake-based blockchain networks.

GME / GameStop - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - GameStop has been making waves in the crypto/blockchain space with its partnership with FTX, the launch of the GameStop digital wallet and NFT trading platform, and inevitable forays into Web3-based gaming.

INVU / Investview Inc. - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - InvestView Inc offers services in financial education, digital assets, and related technology for individuals. The company also offers digital asset technologies management, self-directed brokerage services, institutional trade execution services, and more.

MSFT / Microsoft - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - Microsoft has invested in ConsenSys to offer Ethereum-based blockchain services and is an obvious choice for legacy tech giants to lead innovation for the Web3 future.

OCFT / OneConnect Financial - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - OneConnect is a technology-as-a-service provider for the financial services industry in China, with an actively expanding international presence.

TAALF / Taal Technologies - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - Formerly known as Squire Mining Ltd., TAAL provides services that enable businesses to build customized blockchain-based solutions and applications for enterprise clients.

SBUX / Starbucks - Emerging Blockchain Technologies - Starbucks recently announced their new rewards program called Starbucks Odyssey, built on Polygon (MATIC) in order to allow for enhanced Web3 experiences and offerings, digital collectibles, and more.

AXP / American Express - Financial Service Providers - American Express is working in collaboration with the Abra cryptocurrency platform and wallet provider to offer a credit card that can earn cashback rewards that can be paid out in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

MOGO / Mogo Inc. - Financial Service Providers - Mogo is a fintech company that offers digital banking solutions, credit score monitoring, identity fraud protection, and more.

ANY / Sphere3D Corp - Crypto Mining Companies - Sphere 3D Corp. is a carbon-neutral bitcoin mining company in Ontario, Canada that also provides data management and cloud computing solutions

CIFR / Cipher Mining - Crypto Mining Companies - Based in New York City, Cipher Mining specializes in Bitcoin Mining.

CLSK / CleanSpark - Crypto Mining Companies - CleanSpark specializes in Bitcoin Mining with a focus in energy technology solutions for military, commercial, and residential customers. CleanSpark's energy segment provides a laundry list of services revolving around energy grid optimization and distributed energy systems.

DGHI / Digihost Technology - Crypto Mining Companies - Digihost specializes in cryptocurrency mining, operating a low-energy consumption data center in North America that owns at least 11,800 miners.

IREN / Iris Energy Ltd. - Crypto Mining Companies - Iris Energy is a Bitcoin mining company out of Sydney, Australia that focuses on sustainable energy practices and utilizing renewable energy.

SAI / Mining - Crypto Mining Companies - SAI operates and builds sustainable bitcoin mining and data centers with a focus on clean-energy consumption.

SGLY / Singularity Future Tech - Crypto Mining Companies - Originally a shipping logistics company, Singularity is now engaged in developing solutions for interconnected AI and blockchain networks, as well as operating cryptocurrency mining pools.

WULF / TerraWulf Mining - Crypto Mining Companies - TerraWulf owns and operates fully integrated environmentally clean bitcoin mining facilities in the United States.

ARKF / ARK Fintech ETF - ETF - Another ETF from ARK that focuses on companies that are engaged in the theme of financial technology innovation.

FDIG / Fidelity Crypto ETF - ETF - This ETF tracks companies that are engaged in activities related to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and digital payment processing.

FMET / Fidelity Metaverse ETF - ETF - This ETF tracks companies that are engaged in activities related to developing, distributing, or selling products related to Metaverse technologies/platforms.