Lincoln Oehlers | March 25, 2021

KRE (Regional Banks) Support 50-DMA at 62.82.

SMH (Semiconductors) Like to see this stay over 227.

IYT (Transportation) 255.39 resistance.

IBB (Biotechnology) Main support the 200-DMA at 144.69

XRT (Retail) support 82.13

Volatility Index (VXX) Cleared the 10-DMA and then had an opening range reversal.

Junk Bonds (JNK) Bounced off the 10-DMA at 107.81

LQD (iShs iBoxx $Inv Gd Cor Bd ETF) 130.06 gap to fill.

IYR (Real Estate) 89.69 support. resistance 92.47

XLU (Utilities) 63.45 resistance broke but did not hold.

GLD (Gold Trust) Needs to hold 161.11

SLV (Silver) Needs to consolidate.

VBK (Small Cap Growth ETF) Getting back over 265 is a good sign. Need to see some continuation with tomorrow.

UGA (US Gas Fund)29.90 support the 50-DMA

TLT (iShares 20+ Year Treasuries) 135.75 200-week moving average support.

USD (Dollar) Cleared 200-DMA 92.59 new support. 

EWW (Mexico) 50-DMA 42.67 support area.

MJ (Alternative Harvest ETF) Watching to clear back over the 50-DMA at 22.73.

WEAT (Teucrium Wheat Fund) Broke support. Needs to get back over 6.