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Slingshot Alerts
  • Daily Trade Alerts Based on Specific Setups
  • 7 Trend Continuation Setups
  • 3 Reversal Setups
  • Bullish & Bearish Trades
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What's a "Slingshot Alert"

Every night we scan the market for 20 very specific set ups - 10 long and 10 short. We're looking for trend continuation trades and big reversal trades. We call these trade setups "Slingshots" because they take off quickly!

The setups and alerts are based on daily charts so they are very easy to recognize once you know what they look like. When you use Slingshot Alerts you will begin each trading day with a list of stocks that have huge potential to move big that day!

Let MarketGauge find your next great trade for you - all you need to do is simply log into the member area and see the stocks set up for the next day's trading. You can also look back at alerts that have appeared for the last 5 days.

This Slingshot Alerts service will give you the exact criteria we are scanning for to trigger an alert. If you would like a systematic trading strategy for trading the alerts please see our "Slingshot Setups" course.

Why We Love Slingshot Alerts

  • Simple entry triggers
  • Low initial risk levels
  • Catches big moves lasting a few days to a couple weeks
  • Perfect for day and swing trades
  • Works well with quick, easy mechanical profit targets
  • No special software required
  • No custom indicators to worry about