Market Analysis for Trading on 02/09/2021

Mish Schneider | February 8, 2021

New Took 2 profits in RIOT RIOT-Also sent an alert to sell in the aftermarket-we were filled at 35.60-if you did not sell, keep a 34.40 target to sell another ΒΌ of your position. Bought QS Added targets/moved stops in CORN DBA RIOT TLRY WFC DDOG SLV VLO DDD VIAC MP Earnings DDOG 2/11 (change) DDD 2/24 TLRY 3/1 (change) STNG 2/17 VIAC 2/23 (change) MP 3/18 (change) OSW 2/23 XL 3/17 (change) Existing Positions

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