Market Analysis for Trading on 06/23/2020

Mish Schneider | June 22, 2020

New- PLUG ATR .48 Inside day. May recommend as active stay tuned IQ ATR 2.00 Consolidating-must hold 22.50. and clear 25.25 more active if we go in. CASI ATR .17 2.68 must clear with risk under 2.33 Also watching BLUE ATR 3.7 Existing Positions SPCE ATR 1.09 Long ½-3/4 position at 17.00-active trade Sell Stop: 15.74 First Target: 19.47-19.60 Buy 1/2-3/4 at the market and risk 15.74-more active trade VNM ATR .39 Long at 13.86

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