Market Analysis for Trading on 4/9/18

Mish Schneider | April 7, 2018

Geoff will be taking over for me starting Monday, until April 23rd. I am taking a much-needed vacation-totally unplugged. Positions: CORN ATR: .14 Long at 17.20. First Target for 1/2: 18.04 REACHED!. TRAILING STOP RAISED: 17.39 (use the OR low again) Second Target: 9.74 Frontline FRO ATR: .15. Long at 4.66 ***RAISE Sell Stop 4.24 First target for ½: 6.24 EuroTrust FXE: ATR: .58 Long at 118.74. Sell stop 117.24. Looking for a move above the 80-monthly and

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