Market Analysis for Trading on 6/05/19

Mish Schneider | June 4, 2019

Please watch today’s video-I gave you lots of active trading ideas Existing Positions GDX (Gold Miners) (ATR: .39) Long at 22.18 Sell Stop: 21.14 to 21.37 First Target: 22.97-23.14 Hit 16.74 and 17.17! CORN (ATR: .30) Long at 16.40 No Loss Stop: 16.40 First Target: 16.74-17.17 HIT! Second Target: 17.99-18.44 area E-Health EHTH (ATR: 3.64) Long at 67.00 Sell stop: 62.74 for now (if we get 2 ATR will go to no loss) First Target:

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