Market Analysis for Trading on 7/22/19

Mish Schneider | July 21, 2019

New CRON (ATR: .65) Look for a move over 15.45-and must hold 14.50 quick stop 1/3-1/2 position. 13.50 is the ultimate stop though or a little over 2 ATRs-that’s a full position. Reports 8/18 before open. ***didn’t trigger REMOVE INDA (ATR: .29) Existing Positions: SOYB (ATR: .20) Long 15.74-15.77 ½ position-will add once clears 15.95 on a closing basis. Sell Stop: 15.24 First Target: 17.14 (assuming with the add) Silver SLV (ATR: .16) You may

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