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Weekly Coaching Videos

Each week you'll receive a new coaching video that shows you 2-4 'hot stocks' that we're trading. You'll get professional coaching that outlines chart patterns, techniques for entries, stop losses and exit strategies for a few trades we think will move big!

Plus, you'll discover trade setups and professional insight to trading the opening range under current market conditions, making sure you know the right strategies to use at the right time.

Then use what you've learned and apply it to...

A Daily Focus List Of 'Hot Stocks'

Let Us Find Stock Opportunities For You! MarketGauge scans the markets everyday looking for prime opportunities to trade for their mastery students. You'll receive this list via email EVERY EVENING prior to the next trading day so you are equipped with potentially profitable trade ideas every morning.

You'll receive a list of 10-15 'hot' stocks we're watching that could be big movers. The list also provides some detail on why we're looking at it and how you could play the stock for maximum profit potential. Or simply apply the strategies and rules you've learned from the coaching videos and set yourself up for same day profits!