Real Motion Webinar Bonus 20190730

July 31, 2019


By Geoff Bysshe

Thank you for attending the Real Motion webinar on July 30.

Below you'll find the 3 charts that have bullish Real Motion setup which I offered to send you as a bonus for attending.

In every chart the moving average lengths are as follows:
Green = 200 days
Blue = 50 days
Magenta = 10 days.

In each chart you'll see the longer view (50 / 200) in the left chart and the shorter view (10 /50) on the right.

REGN Analysis:

The 50/200 chart has a small divergence as the daily (dots) did not make a new low with the stock. The 10/50 time frame has a very nice looking leading divergence in the averages. As a result, I'll be looking for a breakout over the black line and over $320 to be one worth trading.


IBB Analysis:

REGN looks better on a Real Motion basis than IBB, but I've included IBB because it looks supportive of any move higher. Keep an eye on the 50/200 chart on any move higher, if the dots breakout over 5, it would indicate that a significant move could be under way.

FCX Analysis: 
FCX has a nice looking divergence in the 50/200 time frame and the 10/50 time frame has a very constructive condition.

As a result, when it moves back over its 200-day moving average, I'll look for it to continue.

Today the Fed decision led to a market sell off and FCX pulled back to support at its 50-day average and recent range lows. If the pullback continues and a bullish reversal pattern develops near the 50-day average, this could be another opportunity.

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