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This has never ended well for the bulls, but…

Geoff Bysshe | March 28, 2022

In May of 2021 I outlined a dangerous condition of excessive margin debt that looked remarkably similar to only two other periods in the last 3 decades – 2000 and 2007.

You may recall that both of those periods didn’t …

A Very Reliable “Buy The Dip” Setup

Geoff Bysshe | December 24, 2021

Attention day traders and swing traders (options traders too)...

There’s a very effective calculated price level that can be used to anticipate intra-day breakouts and reversals in stocks, ETFs, and indexes when you use it correctly.

For example, when you …

Use The Opening Range To Catch Market Turning Points

Geoff Bysshe | December 22, 2021

Yesterday the market gapped higher after testing important support levels the day before.

With the markets sitting at very pivotal inflection points in their long-term trends, this was a perfect opportunity to use MarketGauge’s Opening Range tactics to determine whether …

Real Motion Identifies Cryptocurrency Reversals

| August 2, 2021

Last week was a wild week in the cryptocurrency market. Sentiment has quickly changed from 50/50 bullish vs. bearish to almost entirely bullish in just the last 10 days. This is indicative of the significance that non-technical factors can have …

Biggest Miss In History. What's The Market Think About It?

Geoff Bysshe | May 8, 2021

When you know how to read market action with the Opening Range you can see when and how another market is influencing your trades (for better or worse)!

Put another way; you can also see when inter-market relationships are “working” …

How To Play The Biggest Bubble "INSIDE" The Stock Market Since The Collapse in 2000

Geoff Bysshe | May 5, 2021

The stock market is currently in an extremely bullish mode fueled by a "bubble" inside the market that's unsustainable and unpredictably bullish.

Like any bubble…

The heights to which it will push stock prices are unpredictable.

However, unlike most bubbles……

Post-Election Trend Trading Strategy

Geoff Bysshe | October 27, 2020

Every four years a simple time frame defined by the date of the presidential election creates an Election Range in most markets, ETFs, sectors and individual stocks.

This Election Range defines inflection points that enable you to anticipate when the …

The End Of The Bulls’ Run In Semiconductors?

Geoff Bysshe | December 4, 2019

When a leading market sector sells off hard, traders should take note to avoid getting surprised by a broader market sell-off.

Even better than simply noticing an important sector reversing, would be to be to anticipate the move in time …

Trading with the Precision of 3 Trend Measures

Geoff Bysshe | July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

This July we're going to focus on how and why this month, which begins the second half of the year, can be used to set you up for a great 2019.

This video is a crash course …

These Big Profit Setups Always Happen When The Market Pulls Back

Geoff Bysshe | June 9, 2019

When the market sells off these stocks lead to trades that yield quick returns and then massive swing trades.

It happens without fail because this is how the market works.

When the market sells off, weak stocks get hit and …