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Master The Game

Keith Schneider | April 11, 2021

This week, another sporting event, The Masters, invokes the steep tradition many avid fans anxiously await. Many golfer friends are glued to the TV Saturday and Sunday on Master's weekend. I am not a golfer, but the true talent that we see each year is a testament to practice, training, coaching, and hard work. Like trading, golf is an individual sport, and the victor in each must wrestle with their emotional state of being. It

The Successful Search for the Golden Egg

Keith Schneider | April 4, 2021

I hope you’ve had a great week. From the entire MarketGauge family to you and your family, we wish you a happy Easter (if you celebrate it), and to our Jewish friends, a belated Happy Passover holiday. We are grateful that we get to share freedom, holidays and investment days with you, our extended family of subscribers. Did you know… History has it that in the 16th century Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther took his congregation

Play BALL!

Keith Schneider | March 29, 2021

Active investors and traders can learn a lesson or two from watching baseball, and... This week on April 1, all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams will begin their 2021 season and hopefully survive a full schedule of 162 games plus playoffs ending close to November 2021. In both baseball and trading… One way to win more often is to have an edge (a real statistical advantage) and play your game with strategies and tactics

March Madness (and why it matters to you)

Keith Schneider | March 21, 2021

After a two-year, COVID-19 induced hiatus… This week I was reminded of the excitement of the return this weekend of March Madness (NCAA men’s basketball tournament). My colleague’s description of the March Madness betting expectations sounded like the same stories I hear about the market’s upside projections, like Tesla’s continuous volatile climb this past year or the re-opening of society. I shouldn’t have been surprised. This is MARCH MADNESS, and this weekend, 64 college men’s

The Investment “VACCINE”

Keith Schneider | March 14, 2021

A friend DG, contributed to the beginning of this article “Keith, hope you and Mish are well.  We are in Florida and just wanted to tell you that part of the country is “wide open”.  Few people wear masks here and the discussion with friends, over and over, is about the “VACCINE”.  Thought I would share some insight on how these conversations go here in South Florida. Like a badge of honor or buying a

A Wild(er) Ride: Part Deux

Keith Schneider | March 7, 2021

Last week we identified a few of the reasons that we believe volatility was rising and we did our best to prepare you for a continuing “wild ride”.  We witnessed all the things we wrote about accelerate this past week and the ride from two weeks ago looked mild to this past week. Considering the new stimulus package finally got passed, fasten your seatbelts! Did the buyers believe we had reached a point of good

A Wild Ride

Keith Schneider | February 28, 2021

You may have noticed in our recent weekly Market Outlooks, and Mish’s Daily Updates that we continue to expect enhanced volatility.  Why?   The market has been on a straight upward trajectory since March of last year and some valuations have been getting a bit stretched. Also, we have an administrative sea change, the economy is starting to open back up and there will be much debate about which parts of the economy need stimulating,

Winter Cold; Market Hot

Keith Schneider | February 21, 2021

Winter struck in all its glory this past week.  Most people, other than parts of Southern California, Arizona. South Florida & Hawaii, felt the sting. Very cold weather mixed with snow, and we all got to feel the wicked deep freeze that often occurs in February. As you are probably aware, Texas was without power and today has very little clean water.  I wonder how those people were able to put in their stock and

Congratulations Mr. Discipline

Keith Schneider | February 14, 2021

It was a good week for the Markets and with an NFC win (Tampa Bay), past information states that the markets tend to do better with a National Football Conference win.  Foolish?  Not really, with 74% winning odds of the NFC predicting a positive market the remainder of the year after a win. Wall Street wanted a Tom Brady win and got one. Superbowl Yearly Indicator Forbes What we at Market Gauge were most impressed

The Road Most Traveled

Keith Schneider | February 7, 2021

This week I was speaking to a Financial Advisor friend and he was lamenting about the fact that he had several older important clients that became “freaked out” in February-March period last year (2020) and demanded that he liquidate their accounts where today they basically sit in cash.  They got to endure the worst of the fast and significant correction without participating in the rebound and the markets going to new highs recently. This story