Market Analysis for Trading on 11/13/2017

Mish Schneider | November 10, 2017

TBT: ATR:.44 Long at 35.66 (original position). Sell Stop: 34.14 Then target: Sell ½ at 41.04 for position ACTIVATED-**Stopped out if used 34.97. Original stop 34.14-for swing-we are still in GREK: ATR: .22 Filled at 9.38 Risk 8.84. First Profit Target: 10.03 for ½ ACTIVATED DBC: ATR .17 Filled 15.40 Raise stop to trailing stop 15.74 First profit target: at 15.97 REACHED! Second Profit target: 16.64 ACTIVATED Anywhere between 24.78-24.97 good place for second target

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