Market Analysis for Trading on 12/14/2017

Mish Schneider | December 13, 2017

***Denotes change or comments ***Commodity Index Tracking ETF DBC: ATR .17 Filled 15.40 Lower trailing stop 15.44 First profit target: at 15.97 REACHED! Second Profit target: 16.64 Want to give this a little more room Blackberry BB ATR: .21. Long at 10.97 Swing Stop: 9.94. First profit target: Swing: 13.44 Reports December 20th Intrepid Potash IPI: ATR: .26 Long at 4.01 Risk: 3.29 First Profit Target for ½: 5.37 ***ETSY ATR: .45 Long at 17.08

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