Market Analysis for Trading on 12/1/2017

Mish Schneider | November 30, 2017

Please watch today’s video ***Denotes change Commodity Index Tracking ETF DBC: ATR .17 Filled 15.40 Lower trailing stop 15.63 First profit target: at 15.97 REACHED! Second Profit target: 16.64 ACTIVATED ***Solar Energy ETF TAN ATR: .25. Long at 22.16 Active: Sold ½ at 22.74 LOWER Trailing stop: 23.24 (the 50-Dma) First and second target reached: 24.00 and 24.78-24.97 ACTIVATED Cocoa ETF NIB: ATR: .55 Long at 25.91 Sell Stop (CHOICES): 24.73 or under the 200

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