Happy Days For the Economic Modern Family

October 11, 2020

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider


Co-written by Mish and Forrest

Friday showed us that even with the insecurity of the stimulus package passing and tension from job loss, the Modern Family was still able to close strong for the week.

Grandpa Russell (IWM) which has been in a consolidation period for the last 6 weeks has closed over resistance at 159.82, which was created on August 11th. In fact, IWM has gained about 12% since the start of October!

This breakout brings IWM back into the price range before the crash in January.

Transportation (IYT) broke all time highs this week trading up to 210.90!

What makes this more important is that it cleared resistance going back to 2018.  Furthermore, the optimism for a real recovery is best reflected in Trans.

Granny Retail (XRT) has been on a good run, but confirmed more strength this week when she held over her September high of 53.66 and close on a new all-time high.

Regional banks (KRE), who many are worried about, have finally made a notable comeback, and hopefully with more strength this time can head up towards the 50-WMA. However, KRE could not close the week over 40.00. This sector, although improved, remains a sticking point for the MF.

Big Brother Biotech (IBB) had a recent surge with vaccines entering trial stages. This looks as though it could bring him back to all time highs.

Sister Semiconductors (SMH), like Granny Retail, has broken over her September high and held.  Never one to miss the party, SMH has many wondering about rebalancing their portfolios away from tech. We say, lighten and tighten, but no need to exit this group yet.

With current underlying strength in Modern Family, it’s hard to take a negative stance, especially since this is the first time in years, we can report that the MF is showing leadership!

Even with the uncertainty of the presidential election looming ahead, the strength and optimism of the market (and the economy) isn’t something you want to trade against. You just have to be smart about asset allocation, watch volatility, now very cheap, and make sure you keep risk reasonable.


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S&P 500 (SPY) Took out the September high. Now if holds 343, could see a test of July highs

Russell 2000 (IWM) 159-160 support area-now just 1.8% away from all-time highs

Dow (DIA) 280 Support. Resistance 292

Nasdaq (QQQ) 280 support. 289 resistance.

KRE (Regional Banks) Resistance at 40-42. 38 Support

SMH (Semiconductors) New all-time highs

IYT (Transportation) New all-time highs

IBB (Biotechnology) 137 Support Resistance 146

XRT (Retail) 53.50 needs to hold-as first one to show real strength, she could be first to drop if mkt weakens

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