The Election Nears and The Family Holds Strong

October 25, 2020

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider


Written by Mish and Forrest

Friday gave the thrill of a roller coaster ride, as we watched major indices run up and down throughout the day.

While it’s not the ride most investors look for in the market, it’s the best they can get since most amusement parks have yet to open.

It also looks to stay this way as the United States watches Europe get hit by a second wave of Covid cases.

Without a vaccine this could lead the US to be more wary of lifting restrictions as we head into the close of the year.

Through all this insecurity the Modern Family continues to hold strong.

Five of the members hold a bullish phase while KRE improved into an accumulation phase on Thursday.

Going to the Modern Family, we can see that the regional banking sector (KRE ETF) has made the largest gain of over 7% since Monday.

This could support the idea of a rotation out of the tech sector and into the financial sector.

Weekly Chart of KRE

Being the weakest sector, a comeback through $43 and the 50 week moving averages is a good place to keep watch.

Going to the daily charts we can see that Grandad IWM, Transportation IYT, and Granny Retail XRT, are digesting their price ranges.

Big Brother IBB and Sister Semiconductors SMH on the other hand have come off a little more.

IBB has the 50-DMA as support at $135 with SMH attempting to create support from Thursday and Fridays low around $182.

The markets have put us all through a wild ride, but for at least a small amount of time the Modern Family holds its breath as they wait for the next big piece of news.


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S&P 500 (SPY)  Holding range between 10 and 50-DMA. 346 to clear

Russell 2000 (IWM) 155 best underlying support. Resistance at 164

Dow (DIA)  285 Pivotal area with support at 280 the 50-DMA

Nasdaq (QQQ) 290 resistance. Bounced off 280 support the 50-DMA

KRE (Regional Banks) Confirmed Accumulation phase. Watching to clear 50-WMA at $43

SMH (Semiconductors) Holding 184 support.

IYT (Transportation) 200 support 212 to clear

IBB (Biotechnology) Back in a bullish phase, but looks like it could test the 50-DMA again.

XRT (Retail) 52 support thru 55 better

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