Market Analysis for Trading on 4/2/19

Mish Schneider | April 1, 2019

***See comments in ETF section on URA CANE USCI SLV JO LIT-all setting up GLPI at 35.75 level, Trailing Stop: 36.49 Target 1 at 37.44 HIT!!. Target 2 is at 38.94-close ***AMD Long 22.38, ***Raise Trailing stop 23.34. Target 1 HIT at 23.30 and target 2 HIT at 24.94 New 3-D Printing DDD (ATR: 38) If holds around 10.50, needs to clear 11.00 with then risk to 10.24 or 9.74 Existing Positions Square Inc SQ

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