Market Analysis for Trading on 4/3/19

Mish Schneider | April 2, 2019

***Please watch today’s video-some ideas there for trades GLPI at 35.75 level, Trailing Stop: 36.49 Target 1 at 37.44 HIT!!. Target 2 is at 38.94-close AMD Long 22.38, Trailing stop 23.34. Target 1 HIT at 23.30 and target 2 HIT at 24.94 New ***NO OR breakout today Disney DIS (1.98) (only if holds 111.90 and clears 112.62 can try with risk parameters) Sell Stop: 111.77 First Target: 113.97 ***No OR breakout. 3-D Printing DDD (ATR:

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