Post-Election Trend Trading Strategy

October 27, 2020

Trades & Tutorials

By Geoff Bysshe

Every four years a simple time frame defined by the date of the presidential election creates an Election Range in most markets, ETFs, sectors and individual stocks.

This Election Range defines inflection points that enable you to anticipate when the market will trend higher or lower in a meaningful way.


Anticipating which direction the market will move is simple, and very powerful for identifying big trend trades.

Below you’ll find an instructional video explaining the trading tactics and strategy and a PDF report that reviews every election range back to 1976.

If you spend 30 minutes reviewing the video and PDF, you’ll be ready to profit from the upcoming post-election move in the stock market.

This material uses the SPY 500 index as its example, but this can be applied to all stocks and ETFs.

If you’re a member of our AM Trader course, you should apply AM Trader tactics to the Election Ranges!

If you have our Real Motion indicator, you’ll find this to be a powerful complement to this strategy by helping you confirm the market’s breakouts and reversals around the Election Range levels.



Click here for the PDF report with a concise historical analysis of this strategy for each presidential election year since 1976.

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