The End Of The Bulls’ Run In Semiconductors?

December 4, 2019

Trades & Tutorials

By Geoff Bysshe

blankWhen a leading market sector sells off hard, traders should take note to avoid getting surprised by a broader market sell-off.

Even better than simply noticing an important sector reversing, would be to be to anticipate the move in time to avoid it or profit from it.On Monday, the Semiconductor ETF (SMH), a recent market leader, was one of the hardest hit sectors in the market’s decline.

In this post you’ll discover how you could have seen the risk of such a big down move coming well in advance of Monday’s big down day.

Additionally, you’ll see how you can stay one step ahead of all the important market sectors as the market appears to be entering a period of active sector rotation.

Active sector rotation at the end of the year is likely to set up big trend trades (up or down) leading into 2020.

It’s all covered in the video...
1. How to anticipate sector rotation
2. A new leading sector to watch for a retracement trade
3. A sector that could be at the beginning of big trend trade

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