Are Bots About to Affect The Election Like They Influence The Market?

October 23, 2016

Weekly Market Outlook

By Geoff Bysshe

Group of Robots and personal computer

Stocks and bonds were relatively quiet this week.

Even the final presidential debate could not get the major averages to choose a side (bullish or bearish).

Perhaps this is because the machines are driving the day to day action right now, and they may also be driving the voter’s sentiment as well!

How you ask?

Well, re-reported this week that CNN found that after the previous the debate 22% of the pro Clinton Twitter traffic was driven by “bots” AND 33% of pro Trump tweets were also created by bots.

What’s a “bot generated tweet” you might ask…

It could be a completely automated tweet generated by a machine programmed to get a response. Or it can be or a tweet created by a mere mortal approving a machine’s suggestion with the intention of getting more attention!

Either way it’s a machine creating what we see and follow much like what we see and follow in the markets.

These machines, however, are less likely to control the market’s sentiment and direction when the major levels are breached, so these are the price points I’ve covered in this week’s Market Outlook video for you.

In addition this week’s video covers an ETF you should have on your watch list that tracks the most important area of the European markets right now.

If you’d like to learn more about the Real Motion indicators used in this week’s Market Outlook tap here

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