Analysts are Bearish While Risk On Explodes!

May 17, 2023

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider


The four ratio indicators track key intermarket relationships which identify risk on/off market conditions.

These four indicators can be used together to confirm or identify the strength of the core risk on/off indicator which is the S&P 500 v. Utilities.


These charts come from our Big View product, which is superior in assessing market internals, sentiment, sector and world views, picks and pans plus the health of the Economic Modern Family.

As clearly illustrated, all the ratios are flashing 100% risk on.

Is it time to put your cash to work?

The bottom of the recent trading range appears to be holding at this point.

And, what led to more confidence in our recent picks (USO, LIT, GME, 3 most recent examples) was the ratio between SPY and Long Bonds (TLT).

I have been vocal on media about junk bonds (HYG) versus long bonds (TLT). When high yield outperforms long bonds, it is hard to make a case for recession.

Furthermore, we have mentioned that gold appeared to be in for a rest.

As you can see, SPY and WOOD are both outperforming gold-a good thing for the stock market.

These ratios gave us a comfort level as bulls want SPY in the lead.

However, let us not lose sight of the ratios for first, they could flip.

Secondly, the trading range is still very much so a trading range.

Finally, the small caps (IWM) may have gotten a pass for now, but still need to prove a lot more.

In fact, we continue to believe that the economy may not contract further, which is still quite different than predicting the economy can grow.

Stagflation is still a thing.


For more detailed trading information about our blended models, tools, and trader education courses, contact Rob Quinn, our Chief Strategy Consultant, to learn more.

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ETF Summary

S&P 500 (SPY) 23-month MA 420 Support 410

Russell 2000 (IWM) 170 support - 180 resistance

Dow (DIA) 336 the 23-month MA

Nasdaq (QQQ) 328 cleared or the 23-mont MA-now its all about staying above

Regional banks (KRE) 42 now pivotal resistance-37 support

Semiconductors (SMH) 23-month MA at 124 now more in the rear view mirror

Transportation (IYT) 202-240 biggest range to watch

Biotechnology (IBB) 121-135 range to watch from monthly charts

Retail (XRT) 59.74 held so now we watch the 50-DMA at 62.00

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