Granny Retail a Big Barometer-Video Analysis

June 22, 2023

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider


It was a great day to sit down and talk to Dale Pinkert of FACE Live Market Analysis & Interviews.

And we covered a lot of ground.

  1. BoE interest rate cut
  2. Inflation, Recession or Stagflation
  3. Commodities-grains, metals, industrial metals
  4. The “inside” sector of the US economy
  5. Retail a very big tell
  6. Long Bonds-risk on or off-now more neutral
  7. Emerging Markets
  8. Stock Picks

FACE Interview June 22, 2023



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ETF Summary

S&P 500 (SPY) 440 pivotal with potential reversal-has to break under 434

Russell 2000 (IWM) 180-190 stuck

Dow (DIA) 34,000 in the Dow now pivotal

Nasdaq (QQQ) 360 support

Regional banks (KRE) Becoming more or a concern if this breaks under 40

Semiconductors (SMH) 150 pivotal

Transportation (IYT) 238 area the 23-month moving average

Biotechnology (IBB) 121-135 range

Retail (XRT) 62 support and if clears back over 63, optimism returns

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