IBD Investors Podcast-Market Phases, Calendar Ranges, Picks

September 17, 2023

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider

This week I was honored to speak with:

Charles Payne at Fox Business, Angela Miles at Business First AM, David Keller at Stockcharts.com, Jim Iuorio and Bob Iaccino at Trader’s Edge and Justin Nielsen, Irusha Peiris of IBD Investors.

I also got to speak on Mario Nawfal spaces Finance Daily hosted by Dr. Danish.

(all clips below)

The themes in the interviews were mainly about projection for the market, inflation concerns, and where to invest money right now.

The IBD interview, which I am featuring this weekend, had excellent evergreen content for you to listen to.

The phase wheel you see in the illustration is one area we cover.

This is a key component to our trading decisions as these phases serve as a navigation.

We also go through the July 6-month calendar ranges, a topic I have written a lot about in recent Daily’s.

Finding outperformers and underperformers through the various asset classes opens your world as an investor.

This podcast covers how to use phases and calendar ranges apart and then how to overlay them together.

Furthermore, we cover the current market and how these indicators are informing us on what to look at and what to avoid.

We also talk a bit about the Economic Modern Family and what the members of the family are saying right now.

Finally, in the third part, along with Justin and Irusha, we go through picks for right now and how to assess the risk versus the reward.

You might be particularly interested in the analysis of GDX (gold miners ETF) (see the past week’s Daily on it) and why that is a lead indicator based on ranges and phases (along with some fundamentals.)

Link here: Mish Schneider: Why These Indicators Are Signaling Caution | Investing With IBD


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Mish in the Media -
All clips here

IBD Investing 09-13-23

Traders Edge Jim Iuorio Bob Iaccino 09-13-23

Business First AM Apple 09-12-23

CMC Market Daytrading the CPI 09-13-23

BNN Bloomberg Pre-Opening Bell 09-12-23

Making Money with Charles Payne 09-12-23

Charting Forward StockchartsTV 09-12-23

CNBC Asia Partial clip-Inflation 09-07-23

Singapore Radio 09-07-23


Coming Up:

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ETF Summary

S&P 500 (SPY) 440 support 458 resistance

Russell 2000 (IWM) 185 pivotal 180 support

Dow (DIA) 347 pivotal

Nasdaq (QQQ) 363 support and over 375 looks better

Regional banks (KRE) 44 pivotal

Semiconductors (SMH) 150 pivotal

Transportation (IYT) Needs to get back over 247 to look healthier

Biotechnology (IBB) Compression between 124-130

Retail (XRT) 62.90 the July calendar range low broke down-along with IYT-2 negative signs and an indication of stress on the consumer

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