Soybeans Could be the Next Parabolic Runner

November 15, 2023

Mish's Daily

By Mish Schneider


Brazil planted a record soybean crop only to see unusually dry and hot weather create concerns for the harvest.

Furthermore, Argentina had an extreme shortfall of soybean meal crops.

Meanwhile, the USDA numbers were bearish for corn and soybeans as U.S. crops came in larger than expected.

However, China bought around 3 MMT of soybeans or 110 million bushels from the U.S. last week, a volume that reportedly surprised the market. They added another 7.5 million bushels on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Teucrium Soybean Fund SOYB saw a huge influx of investor money.

The monthly chart featured shows prices hovering around all-time highs.

In 2012 the high was 28.88. In July this year, SOYB made a new high at 29.43.

The sideways consolidation on this monthly chart suggests a move to 34-35 is possible.

The futures chart is also interesting.


This is the January 2024 contract of soybean futures.

It is in a bullish phase, well above the 50 and 200-DMAs.

1360 is the closest support level to hold.

1385 is pivotal-above bullish, below more neutral until beans break below 1320-then give this a big never mind.

Over 1400 and then 1420?

This could then run the way of cattle, cocoa, orange juice and most likely sugar-UP, way UP.

Naturally, on the heels of the supposed cooler CPI and PPI numbers, some havoc will be wreaked.

Most importantly, DBA will fly higher and the deflation talking heads will have well, beans on their face.


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